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Tommy V's Salsa

BREAKING NEWS! TommyV is taking an extended break from TommyV's Salsa. This means he will not be selling at farmers' markets or making and selling TommyV's Salsa to the general public this year.

Tommy V's Salsa 
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Winner of Start up Nation 100 homebased business contest
TommyV's Salsa Homebased 100

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TommyV's Salsa™ is an all natural fresh salsa hitting the local farmers' markets. It was created by entrepreneur and amateur chef, Tommy Venable, in 2009. Tommy Venable started his company, TommyV Foods, LLC, after being laid off from his graphic/web design job of 5 years.

Tommy Venable is not looking back to "what could have been" but looking forward to growing TommyV Foods, LLC and putting smiles on salsa lovers' faces. People often ask Tommy what culinary school he went to and the best answer that he often gives is The Real World Culinary Institute of PBS. His teachers past and present: Julia Childs, Justin Wilson, Martin Yan, Jeff Smith and Cook's Illustrated. When it comes to fresh salsa, there is a pre determination of what fresh salsa should or would taste like.

TommyV’s Salsa™ is NOT your ordinary, run-of-the-mill fresh salsa. TommyV’s Salsa™ is characterized by fresh quality, all natural ingredients that are blended together to form a harmonious bouquet of flavor. Each component in TommyV’s Salsa™ retains its own taste, texture and personality so that each bite will contain delectable flavor and a variety of textures. The truth about TommyV’s Salsa™ is that it tastes like NO other fresh salsa out there on the market. In today’s health conscious society, consumers are looking for a healthy snack that also tastes good. Economically priced for a fresh salsa of its complexity of flavors with no artificial flavors or preservatives, TommyV’s Salsa™ is very pocket book and wallet friendly to consumers. Your taste buds deserve a TommyV's Salsa™ flavor party!

Tommy V's Salsa 
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TommyV's Salsa™ is an ALL NATURAL FRESH SALSA with the perfect blend of vegetables, fruits and spices that will blast your taste buds with exhilarating flavor!

NOT JUST FOR TORTILLA CHIPS! TommyV’s Salsa’s™ wonderfully delicious flavor and texture pairs perfectly with an array of dishes. Liven up plain rice, eggs, chicken, fish, salads, baked potatoes... even plain cheese pizza! TommyV’s Salsa™ is an ideal condiment with NO ARTIFICIAL FLAVORS OR PRESERVATIVES and with flavors under 100 calories per one 8oz container! Plus, TommyV's Salsa™ is GLUTEN FREE!.

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TommyV's Salsa™ will be posting winter pick up locations soon.    
  Fresh Salsa and hotdogs

LOCAL ORDERS ONLY Click here to view local area map

For those "Local Fans" in Md, DC & Va who have already tasted and savored TommyV's Salsa™, you can purchase online and TommyV will deliver your salsa to you. Be sure you are located with in the delivery zone.


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  Tommy Venable of TommyV's Salsa™ featured on NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams July 13th 2009. Click here to see the video.
TommyV brought in some of TommyV's Salsa™ to the Kane Show. Listen to what they had to say about it! Click on the play button to the right of the Kane Show graphic.    
The Kane Show   Can't see the player above? Try this one below. Just click the triangle to play.
  Tommy Venable is in this months issue of Flavor Magazine!
  TommyV's Salsa in Flavor Magazine
Founder/CEO of Tommy V Foods, LLC, Tommy Venable is featured the the April 2010 issue of Black Enterprise Magazine.   Black Enterprise Magazine April 2010

How Tommy V Makes His Salsa from Robin Hamilton on Vimeo.

This is How They Did Itfrom Robin HamiltononVimeo.

  TommyV's Salsa™ in the Washington Post Food section
  TommyV's Salsa in the Washington Post food section
  By Jane Black Washington Post Staff Writer Wednesday, January 13, 2010 Washington Post
  Tommy Venable the Grio
Economy at a crossroads - Interview By Ethyln Harris
  TommyV's Salsa interview
Check out the interview I had with Megan Pittsley a writer from Examiner.com
Interview about TommyV's Salsa™
Tell us what you think of TommyV's Salsa™! Click on the "Contact Us" link to send us your testimonial.

"Wow! I just purchased a container of your salsa at the Gateway Center Farmer's Market in Gainesville and sat down with it to have a little snack. It was so delicious that I ate the whole container! It was delicous and I can't wait to eat more! "

--Mandy - Gainesville, VA

TommyV's Salsa™ reviewed on Grilling With Rich!

Grilling With Rich

"Denis W. brought your salsa to our Splash Party -- and it was a HIT. BEST SALSA EVER!!"

--K. Harrison - Clinton, MD

"Our family has been purchasing happily Tommy's salsa weekly since our first sample. I could never make any salsa at home this delicious! "

--Karen - Reston, VA

"Salsa was just ok prior to tasting Tommy V's "FUGOSA"! Now I purchase 16oz. once a week. It is truly the BEST I have ever had!"

--Denise W. - Sterling, VA

"Love your salsa and loved having you at the Kane Show. Seeing Sammy cry when he ate too much habanero puree was golden. "

--Pete W, HOT99.5

"Great Stuff I put his on some of my ribs and the chicken as I smoked them on the grill. Boy I'm telling this has taken the BBQ we do to even a higher level. Great Job and keep doing what you do. Much success."

--Uncle Fred w/ Uncle Freds BBQ Smoke Shack, Centreville & Oakton,VA

"WOW!! Can I order it by the bucket instead of a pint at a time?! Great flavors my tastebuds love!!"

--John - Manassas, VA

"Thank goodness I can finally get a variety of homemade, fresh, healthy & creative salsa’s that are good for you (no additives). I have been a vegetarian for most of my life. I’m always concern with what foods I consume to satisfy my taste buds and to maintain healthy eating. I topped off my Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Cran Slam’n which created a slam’n taste!!!

Well, the day has come for me to enjoy TommyV’s variety of salsas. I love them all; therefore I buy one of each; last week, this week and the weeks to come. I’m looking forward to the new favor, then I will buy five (one of each)!!! Taste test for yourself at the Smart Market locations Thank you…TommyV. Mum, mum good…

--Susan - Reston, VA

"Can't decide who's hotter...Tommy V or his salsa!"

--Wendy C. - NoVA

"I’ve never been a huge fan of salsa until I tried some of Tommy V’s homemade Sweet Fire. Tommy recommended putting some of the salsa on fish and other dishes. I decided to put some of the Sweet Fire salsa on a piece of baked chicken. All I can say is it was so delicious I had to go back and buy two additional containers before he left the building! Thank you TommyV!"

--Kim T. - Upper Marlboro, Maryland

"Yo, I just finished eating some Tommy V. Salsa - Hot and let me tell you, that was the best Salsa
I have ever eaten! Kick-ass

--Alex T - Alexandria, VA

"My husband and I weren't sure what we would find when we went to the Smart Market at Fairfax Corner...But we were plesantly surprised when we discovered Tommy V's salsa. It is DELICIOUS!
I enjoy it with eggs and look forward to taking his recommendation and serving it with salmon.  The ingredients are fresh and flavor combinations delicious. Thanks, Tommy
! "

--Jessica - Sterling, VA


--Robin - Fairfax Corner, VA


--Dana - Maryland

"It was awesome!! Everbody either like sweet fire or mild i was like the only one who liked hot lol but it was gone really quick"

--Lyric - Herndon, VA

" Tommy rocks and his salsa is out of this world!!"

--Gail - Ohio

"Your hot salsa is the best, I finish it in minutes and its the best I ever ate!"

--Huseyin - McLean, VA

"Thank you so much for your service and mucho delicious salsa!  It was a big hit. Despite the continuous rain the party was in fact a wonderful time for family and friends. I pray that your business continues to grow and expand.  I promise to contact you again for all of my Salsa needs. Please let me know if you expand your offerings.
Take care my friend,

--Olivia - Reston, VA

"Good Morning Tommy!
Yesterday at GMU, for the second time since Friday's Market at Trinity, I purchased a tub of your salsa. It's truly great! Tonight, I will be sharing (this is a foreign concept to me when it comes to a great find, but I will do my best!) it with my roommates. A huge fan of heat, I am partial to the Hot.  Your salsa is reminiscent of the days when my father and I used to make pico de gallo together. It's fresh, crisp, cool yet warming, and satisfying - especially on a hot summer day.

--Sarah - Centreville, VA

"Tommy V's Salsa is fresh with a unique taste. It's the combination of the fresh ingredients that make it a standout. It tastes great on many things besides chips. I can't get enough of it!"

--Betsy - Burke,VA

"It is the best that I have ever had!!!  I LOVE the sweetness of the fruits mixed with the tartness of the vinegar.  And the peppers are not overpowering...they compliment the cilantro.  The garlic puts a spin on it that would tempt me to call it "Soul Salsa."  Anyway, clearly I enjoyed it, and would like to know how to get more..."

--Sindya - Northern, VA

"Hi Tommy-
I brought in your jar of salsa to the office and it was a big hit!

--R - Beltsville, Md

"Actually eating it RIGHT NOW!!! So F#*ing good!!!"

--Karen - Locust Grove, GA

"The mild is good, I've already eaten about half of it!"

--Susan - Duncan, OK

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